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Collection: R-CARD® Rapid Test Method

The R-CARD® changed from (Easygel Card)rapid test method was developed and patented by Dr. Jonathan Roth of Roth Bioscience, LLC to quickly and conveniently detect and enumerate microorganisms.  The process involves no liquid media, agar, or petri dishes.  Everything you need to produce rapid and accurate test results is in a single test card.

Once a liquid sample has been placed under the thin top layer, the sample gels in a matter of minutes to eliminate the risk of leakage or dripping.  This allows for easy transport, both to and from the testing location, giving you the peace of mind that collected samples or conducted tests will not be lost or altered.

Industry Applications: Wastewater Treatment, Food & Beverage, Education, Recreational Waterways, Environmental, Agriculture, and many others.