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Dr. Jonathan Roth has built a legacy of innovations aimed at streamlining the bacteria testing process. His various breakthroughs have significantly reduced both cost and time requirements without sacrificing result accuracy. Dr. Roth continues to revolutionize the industry today with the products offered by Roth Bioscience.

Our company is founded on providing the best bacteria-testing products on the market, providing faster, more accurate results than even the largest names in the industry. And unlike the larger corporations, every customer matters to us. We provide free technical support and advice on all our products.

Our products have been designed to make microbiological testing more convenient and less complicated to use. Many of our products have reduced the amount of equipment needed for testing, decreased the time to start seeing results, and easier to interpret results. For example, our proprietary R-CARD® rapid test method allows testing for a targeted bacteria without the use of petri dishes, agar or even a filtration device. The ease-of-use and compact design of the R-CARD® has made them a popular alternative to more strenuous methods. In addition to the R-CARD® product line, we offer a family of membrane filtration media that target many of the same bacteria as the R-CARD®, but with the added benefit of allowing customers to test larger sample sizes.

We will continue to offer innovative products designed to change how bacteria testing is done. Our primary industries that we serve are:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Municipal & Environmental Water
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Veterinary


by Jonathan N. Roth 6/15/2022

About 2006, Dr. Jonathan Roth and Geoff Roth began work on inventing a unique Card-like device for the qualitative and/or quantitative assessment and identification of various types of microorganisms. The refinement of this work continues currently. Studies by other agencies and personnel have both been reported and published, and are ongoing. 

The purpose of this document is to clarify the status of the official name for this product, which now is being marketed by Roth Bioscience, LLC with the registered trademark name of R-CARD®.  Work, prior to the final naming, has been done and reported under other trademarked names, including PETRITHIN, PETRICARD, E Z CARD, EASYGEL CARD, and EASYCARD.  To clarify, if any similar product is being currently used as of this date, it is not a product of Roth Bioscience, LLC.  

Likewise, any new product found in the current literature that is dated prior to this date, that uses one of the prior names listed in this note, is not the Roth Bioscience, LLC R-CARD®, unless a notice of appointment as “dealer rep” or “Distributor” is posted on the Roth Bioscience LLC web site  Currently no such appointments have been given. 

Also, previous work that is cited or published, and uses one of the above mentioned names, should be understood to be valid. Those other names are synonyms for the specific R-CARD and were not used or cited if they contained different ingredients that affected performance.



A similar situation also occurred that pertains to the original invention of the new chromogen/fluorogen known originally as “Red” (gal, gluc, glu, phos or other sugars” by Roth and Ferguson around 1990.  The original name “Red” was changed by someone other than Roth and is now commonly referred to as “Salmon”.  “This “Red” (6-chloro) compound was used in combination with the well-known “X” (5 Bromo, 4 Chloro) compound that resulted in one well known method (medium) that was patented by RCR SCIENTIFIC, INC with the trademark of “ColiChrome”.  Later, the company name was changed to Micrology Laboratories, LLC and the ColiChrome name was changed to Coliscan. The medium ingredients for both names remained identical, and they contain at least one ingredient that is currently included in patent 8.008.059 now owned by Roth Bioscience, LLC.  This means that any method or medium that contains that ingredient cannot be legally made and marketed by other than Roth Bioscience, LLC, although there is strong evidence that this patent is being violated.



For more information about Dr. Roth and his legacy in the field of microorganisms, please read our section on the history of Roth Bioscience here: History of Roth Bioscience, LLC

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