Welcome to Roth Bioscience, LLC formerly known as Micrology Laboratories, LLC

History of Roth Bioscience, LLC

The original business, RCR Scientific, Inc., was founded in 1986 by Dr. Jonathan Roth with two supportive partners Mr. Thomas Corson and Mr. Rowland Rose.  Dr. Roth was the chair and Professor of Biology at Goshen College, IN, at the time whose doctoral work was in the areas of microbiology and biochemistry.  

Dr. Roth’s first product invention was the development of a microbiological medium that incorporated a “hardener” agent that was poured as a thin gelled layer on a petri dish bottom, and a liquid formulation containing a gum mixture that gelled when poured into the dish.  This allowed users to pour dishes without autoclaving and  avoided temperature factors involved in pouring agar based media.  It added the convenience of pouring dishes without temperature and time inconveniences of the classic agar medium pour plate.  The new invention was patented and trademarked as Redigel™.

In 1990, Dr. Roth was the first to introduce the concept of using different contrasting colored chromogenic enzyme substrates to the world.  This was the first example of inventing and synthesizing different colored products that could be used in a microbiological medium that resulted in differentiating two or more species of microbes present in a single dish or membrane filter (MF) preparation.  This invention was done in conjunction with a synthetic chemist.  This concept was promptly copied throughout the world as Roth had only patented it in the U.S., and others continue to claim to be the inventors and originators of the technology.  Dr. Roth introduced and commercialized this technology under the trademark Colichrome®

Products developed and sold by RCR Scientific were widely used and trusted by the food industry and generated significant attention and interest.  The popularity of the Redigel™ product resulted in the sale of an exclusive license for Redigel™ and Colichrome® products in the food industry to the 3M Corp in 1996.

Since the sale was only for use in the food industry, Roth and his partners formed a new corporation, Micrology Laboratories, LLC, in 1997 and concentrated on developing products in areas other than the food industry.  This portfolio included the newly trademarked EasyGel™ and Coliscan™ product lines, using already-proven chemical formulations to new markets under new names.  In 2002-2003, 3M Corp decided to divest themselves of their license to the food industry, which was returned to Micrology Laboratories, LLC.  

From 2003 until June 1, 2019, Micrology Laboratories, LLC continued to expand their customer base and product offering with new products and innovative patented technologies.  On June 1, 2019, certain limited assets of Micrology Laboratories, LLC were acquired and transferred to a new owner, not having any common ownership between the two entities.  As a result of this transfer, Micrology Laboratories, LLC took a name change and now operates as Roth Bioscience, LLC.  

Roth Bioscience, LLC proudly continues the work started by RCR Scientific, Inc. in 1986 by developing and commercializing new diagnostic technologies.  Current product offering include:

Colichrome® MF media using the original formulation with patented use of chromogenic and/or fluorogenic enzyme substrates for detection and enumeration of targeted microorganisms.  [Patent No.: US 8,008,059 B1]

Kwik Count™ MF media contains fluorogenic and/or chromogenic enzyme substrate(s) that allow for rapid detection of microorganisms with a long wave UV light within 8-10 hours, before they are visible in ambient light.

R-CARD® technology uses a single card to detect and enumerate targeted microorganisms without the usage of petri dishes, agars, or liquids.

*Roth Bioscience, LLC, and proceeding name Micrology Laboratories, LLC, should not be confused for Micrology Laboratories, Inc.  The entity that owns Roth Bioscience, LLC and Micrology Laboratories, LLC are completely separate and unrelated to Micrology Laboratories, Inc.