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R-CARD® E. Coli - Pack of 25
R-CARD® E. Coli - Pack of 25
R-CARD® E. Coli - Pack of 25
R-CARD® E. Coli - Pack of 25
R-CARD® E. Coli - Pack of 25
R-CARD® E. Coli - Pack of 25

R-CARD® E. Coli - Pack of 25

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Card Size: 3.5"x 4"       Capacity: 1mL     STORAGE CONDITIONS AND STORAGE LIFE

A revolution in bacteria testing, the R-CARD® test method offers the most convenient, streamlined way to detect not only the presence of E. coli, but also the number of colonies.

  • Completely self-contained, requiring almost no additional equipment
  • Extremely accurate and easy to understand results
  • Fast results in 15-24 hours (incubated)
  • E. coli will show up as green/turquoise dots

How It Works

Unlike most E. coli testing kits on the market, R-CARD® rapid tests require almost no additional equipment and offer an extremely easy user-experience. Simply lift the R-CARD® E. coli clear film and deposit 1 mL of your liquid sample on the card. Then release the clear film so it can fall back on top of the card, covering your sample. Within 1-3 minutes, the liquid sample will solidify between the two layers. This prevents it from dripping or leaking, making R-CARD® rapid tests incredibly easy to transport and use in the field.

For quickest results, it’s best to incubate your sample at 35±0.5°C for 15-24 hours. To read your results, simply count the number of green/turquoise dots which show the number of E. coli colonies.

For more detailed instructions, please check out the PDFs below. Remember, we offer free technical support on any stage of the process and would be happy to instruct and advise you.

Testing 2mL-100mL Aqueous Samples on R-Card® Using Membrane Filter (PDF)
Technical Step-by-Step Instructions: View PDF document
R-CARD General Use Instructions: View PDF document
Additional Helpful and Important Information


Why R-CARD® Rapid Tests Are Better Than Competing Products

R-CARD® rapid tests offer a revolution in convenience without sacrificing accuracy. The cards are completely self-contained and don’t require petri dishes, agar, or other gear that’s fragile and prone to leak. Simply place your sample on the card and wait 1-3 minutes for the liquid sample to solidify between the two layers. This prevents it from dripping or leaking. Cards can easily be stored in a coat or backpack pocket.

It’s also incredibly easy to read R-CARD® results. They not only detect the presence of E. coli, but also the number of colonies. Simply count the number of green/turquoise dots that appear after the appropriate incubation period.

Additional Equipment Needed

While the R-CARD® rapid tests are completely self-contained, you will need a sterile dropper or syringe to dispense your liquid sample onto the card. Once your sample is collected, it’s recommended to use an incubator to rapidly decrease the time it takes to view results (15 to 24 hours with an incubator).

Ideal Uses

  • Food & Beverage
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Municipal & Environmental Water
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Veterinary

Why Choose Roth Bioscience?

Dr. Jonathan Roth is one of the most well-known names in microbiology and bacteria testing. He was the first to develop testing methods to use enzyme substrates for producing different colors to distinguish different types of bacteria. Roth Bioscience is still run by Dr. Roth, who continues to offer some of the most revolutionary innovations in the industry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rosalie Wolfe

R-CARD® E. Coli - Pack of 25

Gary Olson
1st order of R- Cards for E. coli

Was impressed with the speed of filling my order and the condition that it came in. Packaging was good and instructions on line for using was very helpful. Ran our first tests comparing with our traditional E. coli test and got very comparable results.

kevin gibbons
Convenient, good communication

I received the cards just a few days after ordering. They were exactly as described. Very easy to use.
We had taken a sample to our county health dept for testing a couple weeks ago. It came back P for present for e Coli.
So we used the R card test. We did not see any colonies on the cards. We will take a new sample to the county to see if they test it positive again or not.
The only thing that’s challenging with the r-cards is that we are just doing it at home. No incubator. So we can’t be sure that the cards would grow out anything without the proper temp regulation. The website does not address this.

David Skinner
Quick and easy

Quick and easy