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Jonathan N. Roth Ph.D.  June 9, 2022

During the decades since the start of this business, it has evolved through several registered names, including RCR SCIENTIFIC, INC (2001-2006), MICROLOGY LABORATORIES, LLC (2006-2019), AND THE CURRENT NAME OF ROTH BIOSCIENCE, LLC (2019). During this time, Dr. Jonathan N. Roth was a principal and has served as the CEO continuously.  

Prior to, and during this time span, Dr. Roth worked actively in developing, testing and marketing new inventions.  During these activities, he discovered numerous new, previously unknown properties that were released in written form and disclosed as articles in professional journals or included as automatically copyrighted inserts in his web sites. These articles contained useful information available to readers of his web sites and he was happy to make it available.  However, during recent years, it has come to attention that some entities have copied Roth’s work (containing his name as author and originator, and copied it into their own web site or writings as if it were their own work.  This is not only a violation of Roth’s Copyright, but constitutes plagiarism (total dishonesty).  Also, some of his patents have and continue to be violated.

Sometimes, Roth’s work was done in past decades which has been superseded by more and superior inventions, hence Copyright dates of articles on the Roth website may vary from 2006-2022, depending upon when the work and its development took place.  Also, an earlier copyright date may indicate that earlier work may be related to more current work that is an improvement or a superior replacement for the older work. In fact, newer discoveries may or should replace a method described in older work.  In Science, there is always new information that may overshadow previous technology.  Roth Bioscience attempts to include both earlier methods and better recent discoveries. However, the older work may contain results and earlier discovered information that should not be overlooked.  So if one finds plagiarized material, it is wise to go to the original source (the site where it first appeared) to determine if newer and better discoveries are posted.   

Dr. Roth has experienced both violation of his copyrighted work as well as his patents by ambitious corporations, individuals, agencies, and even Professional Organizations who claimed ownership in the face of his previously copyrighted or published patents.  He laments this trend of competition and dishonesty in the Scientific Community.

Last, it should be clearly understood, that neither Roth, nor any of the above mentioned Corporations have ever given permission to any other person or entity to copy or use any of his copyrighted work or plagiarize it.